Welcome to my personal blog!

I won’t lie, this isn’t something I update often, but I often come up with ideas, or come across interesting items online that I will share here if the mood strikes me. I hope you can use this to either find something to help you in whatever it is you’re searching for, or maybe just give you a good laugh.

Handling Facebook Page Tabs on Mobile

Recently there have been quite a few projects come across our way at the office that involve creating Facebook page tab applications. These requests aren’t that new, but what happens now with so many people using their mobile device as the main way to access the Facebook we need to be able to handle these page tabs on the users phones, simple enough, except for the fact that Facebook’s mobile applications/website don’t have a built in solution for page tabs… so how do we get this to work?

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Instagram / Twitter Wedding Photo App

A good friend of mine got married last weekend on PEI. It was a great time with good friends, both new and old, at a really nice resort that had some great golf. Two weeks before the wedding when he got home he mentioned that he had setup a “hashtag” for the wedding, and that’s when I went and opened my big mouth…

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Harvey JS With Dynamic Content

I’ve been a big fan of Harvey ever since I was first introduced to it about a year ago. If you’ve never used Harvey, it’s a great way to manage page elements on multiple different screen sizes when just simple media queries won’t do. I rely on it for a lot of the projects I build now (including this site!). Unfortunately, at work the other day I ran into an issue that Harvey didn’t handle so well, dynamic content.

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HTML5 Game – Zombie Shuffle

At work, we often (once every 2-3 months) hold “GameJams”. Generally these involve a group from work all going to a pub, breaking up into teams of 2 – 4 and spending some time after work hours for a couple of weeks coming up with and creating a small game which we present to the other teams on an agreed upon date. I don’t always participate, mainly because of extra curriculars after work, but the game jams always have a theme, and the most recent was “HTML5 Games”.

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Starling JS

Coming from a background where I worked with Flash and ActionScript, I was naturally intrigued when the Starling Framework was released, which appeared to be a fantastic option for creating games for multiple platforms using Flash, which was the language I was very familiar with at the time.

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Customized Yeoman Generator for WordPress

Recently I was introduced to Grunt as a fantastic automation tool for a project I was working on at the office. We were using Grunt to compile Dust templates, LESS files and create build packages for the project. Having only used LESS compiler apps, I was amazed at how easily it was to get Grunt working once I figured out how the configuration file, or “Gruntfile” needed to be setup.

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