Starling JS

Coming from a background where I worked with Flash and ActionScript, I was naturally intrigued when the Starling Framework was released, which appeared to be a fantastic option for creating games for multiple platforms using Flash, which was the language I was very familiar with at the time.

Of course, life and work happen, and the time set aside for learning and developing a game in Starling quickly disappeared, leaving me with no game, no Flash work in general, and ended up being quite behind in what was happening with Flash and ActionScript besides, you know, it’s immanent demise.

I was thrilled on Friday at work when on my Twitter feed I saw a tweet from Thibault Imbert, who I met once at Adobe MAX and I believe was the lead developer on Starling, tweeted a link to Starling JS, a port of the Starling Framework to JavaScript.

I haven’t had much time to look too deeply into the JS port yet, but the demo looks phenomenal, and I am hoping to spend some time in the coming weeks attempting to create a simple application using the Starling JS framework.

Are there any other solid JS game frameworks that I should know about?

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